TNTA’S apprentice George tells his story…

Hello, I’m George a Digital Marketing Apprentice at The National Training Academy and I’m going to talk about my journey so far, as well as some social media tips that hopefully can help you.

I started out as an 18-year-old boy who had no prior job experience within any field but I knew that marketing was a career path I wanted to venture in to. Luckily for me I’ve had the opportunity to do that here. This really was a huge step in my life as everything was completely new to me and I was convinced I must learn new skills straight away or I’d become overwhelmed with pressure and sacked because of this. How wrong I was! The environment is the complete opposite, I do have deadlines to meet but the way I am taught is in a nurturing way and this helped me fully grasp concepts I didn’t previously understand. I was fully supported when learning at my own pace and I never once felt I was being rushed into things I wasn’t capable of completing at that time.

My Experience…

Social media was something I was very comfortable with as I have always been accustomed to using it from a young age, but how to use social media for a business was completely alien to me and this now was an area I needed to excel in. This is when I realised the importance of self-learning and development. I started to take extra time researching tips and understanding the strategies other successful people have used to see if we could replicate or produce something similar. This was a long process but the knowledge I have now accumulated compared to when I started has vastly improved and that would have never been possible if it wasn’t for this job.

Throughout this time, I have improved within my job role but also as a person because of the new situations I have experienced throughout this past year. I thank my employers tremendously as I feel that they have contributed positively to make me the person I am today, both are driven, motivated and successful individuals who have aspired me to become the best version of myself as they are.  From all the advice they have given and continue to give, one thing stood out for me which was when they told me that, “hard work doesn’t guarantee success but it certainly increases the chances”. This is such a true statement which I previously didn’t believe; but seeing all the hard work and dedication required to become successful really opened my eyes to reality. Now I’m hoping I can give you some tips and advice on how to become a force on social media!

My 3 Top Tips for social media!

  1. Consistency – This is very crucial for creating a loyal customer base and influence through social media, as accounts who do not post regularly don’t have the same positive impact as an account that does. For example, your company could provide useful informative videos every day at 10am, your followers will then expect this information at 10am which drives them to your profile. If you suddenly stop posting at 10am as expected, your followers will quickly lose interest which in turn impacts on your social media presence and reputation.


  1. Tagging other influential accounts into your posts – This is a vital step for trying to grow a page. If that influential account interacts with your tweet/post it will then be seen by all their followers meaning your profile is now visible to them. This is a fantastic way of growing not only your network but your social media presence as a whole. Imagine an interaction from Richard Branson!


  1. Hootsuite – This is such a great tool which allows you to schedule posts and content all in one place, saving you a huge amount of time. This really is a vital tool to become successful on social media and I can’t recommend it enough. Imagine having 20 tweets, face book posts, linked in updates, Instagram pictures a day going out, everyday, to all of your followers and only having to programme them into Hootsuite once. This frees you up to do the important things like running your business while still being active on social media, a win win situation!

I hope this helped you! In the grand scheme of things, I know that I still have a lot to learn, but I feel these tips can help some of you out there, just as they helped me. Every day I’m constantly learning and will continue to grow.

Good luck!

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