Negative thinking, positive life… I doubt it!

Out of all the choices we make every day, what choice do you think most people get wrong?

The way they choose think about things.

The majority of people focus on the negative, not on the positive. “I don’t want to go to work”, “I’m too busy”, “I’m too tired”, etc. Instead of focussing on the negative, have you tried to be positive?  e.g. I want to go to work as I am providing money for my family, being a positive role model for my children, I’m busy but I am choosing to be busy so that I have a full and exciting life, I’m tired because I have had such an exciting week so I will have an early night tonight and so on…

We like to make life more complicated than it is, we naturally see the negative. Don’t blame yourselves, the media teaches us to do this, every day. When was the last time you saw a front page news story that was celebrating something amazing not reporting on something tragic? I can’t even remember.

But media aside, I can promise you that all battles are won from the inside out.

Let me explain.

The mind is your battleground:

  • It’s the place where all conflict is won or lost
  • It’s the place where your worst fears manifest and often, never actually happen
  • It’s the place where you fall victim of your own thoughts time and time again

There is a saying: ‘you act as the truth as you believe it to be’.

If you allow self-defeating thoughts to dwell in your mind, you will act accordingly, you alone will be the reason why you are living a life that makes you unhappy.

Bottom line:

You are what you think! And you can’t change anything in your life if you can’t change your thinking.

So how do you do it?

Every time you find yourself thinking something negative, STOP. And say to yourself, that is not me, I am not like that anymore. I am happy, thankful, clever, beautiful etc… Replace the negative with a positive, remember, you act as the truth as you believe it to be. Good luck!