Surviving the January blues…

The New Year is here, the family time and parties are over, and for many, me included, January feels like an anti-climax following a busy and exciting December. To combat this, I have come up with some great ways to make January that little bit better. Appreciate what you have! [...]

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Want less, appreciate more.

My guide to surviving Christmas the fun way! Christmas is approaching again and if you are anything like me you will be frantically putting together Christmas lists; who wants what, how much will it cost, when have I got time to put the tree up, when do I need to post [...]

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Why do we think negatively? Surely we know better by now!

Unless you have been living in an area with no access to books, TV or the internet for the last five years, you will be more than familiar with the idea that positive thought promotes positive behaviour. The evidence out there is mind blowing, yet as human beings we continue to think and behave negatively. [...]

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